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Paweł Brachaczek Avatar
Paweł BrachaczekSenior Full Stack Engineer @Accenture
Jakub is a very talented and team-oriented Full Stack Engineer. I collaborated with Jakub pretty closely for more than a year, during a project for a leading social media company. Having started my work for this client before Jakub, I was able to see him learn and grow for the entirety of our time together. In that time, we have both learnt a lot from each other. Jakub, at that time more adept as a frontend developer, really helped me grow in that area, while quickly absorbing more backend-oriented knowledge I shared with him. This constant communication also really enhanced our team spirit! Jakub was also quick to come up with new ideas and suggest implementing them in our team. It could be as small as asking a well-aimed question or wanting to try another approach, but it helped to keep our team fresh and open-minded! It was a pleasure working with Jakub and he surely deserves a hearty recommendation!
Sonya Levchenko Avatar
Sonya LevchenkoSenior Digital Tech Developer @Accenture
It was a great pleasure to work with Jakub in the same team. He was always eager to learn new things, thriving to become the best developer and a teammate. He was able not only to successfully onboard me on the project, so I felt very welcome at the time, but he also encouraged me to become even better engineer myself. His skills as a Fronted Developer were essential for our team and he were very open to learn new things, taking responsibility for our Backend side as well. Overall, I want to recommend Jakub as a very open-minded and very professional teammate, who will definitely be a vital part of your team. Jakub, It was pleasure working with you.
Salvador Villalon Jr Avatar
Salvador Villalon JrFull Stack Engineer @Accenture
Jakub is a brilliant Software Engineer motivated to learn and bring value wherever he goes. I collaborated with Jakub since March 2022 during a project for a Big Tech client (Part of the FAANG Companies). When Jakub joined the team I immediately saw qualities that I value and seek in engineers I worked with: - Willingness to learn/try new things: Jakub was not afraid to dive into the code and the massive codebase that the client has. He created countless features that I learned so much from. He even suggested implementing new frameworks like Recoil.js! This tells me he keeps up to date with new frameworks and technologies! - He listens: During onboarding, he listened to me as I explained the Frontend architecture I created. In his feature development, he maintained consistency in the codebase! This tells me that he values and listens to his team! - Collaboration: Even though we were in different time zones (I was PST while he was Central European) we collaborated effectively by sending detailed messages, creating great test plans in our diffs, and putting gifs in our diffs when the diff was approved! I will miss working with Jakub and having pair programming sessions with him! I highly recommend Jakub if you need to get the job done!